Be The Answer

Every now and then I’m going to put a spiritual spin on my thoughts, so here goes. 

We all want answers. 
Am I wrong?

Let me phrase it another way: we all have questions, or at least need some guidance or assistance with something in particular at some point in our lives…right?

Well, I happen to be a prayerful person, so that is often where I go to gain some solace; to make a connection with a God I believe to be loving and compassionate, who hears our thoughts & pleas and answers us according to His will.
And since we’re all in the business of wanting answers, I thought I’d just throw this out there:

BE the Answer.  

“What??” you ask.

By “Being the answer” you are putting on your productivity pants and lending a hand to help another; you are being the answer to their prayer (feel free to substitute the word “plea” – “difficult circumstance” – “hard day” for prayer, if you wish).

I believe that God uses each and every one of us to lift and serve others in precise, timely moments so that we are, in effect, assisting with His “Email Inbox” to answer prayers.

Lightbulb Moment: God is so smart! Instead of answering all the prayers by himself, he delegates
and eases His own burden by involving others! GENIUS.

And whether you believe in Faith, God, Prayer, etc. or not…just lend a hand. You’ll often forget about your own woes when you reach beyond yourself and make a difference. You’ll still be the answer and you just might be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

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