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    Through The Eyes Of A Child

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS Just a quick note today.I thought I’d share a little observation that I’ll be posting soon onto my private family blog: August 18: Seeing Little C play with her shadow is so fun to watch! She’ll also sway her head in and out of sunlight to distinguish the difference in how it appears to her: bright when she’s in the sun and darker when she’s not. Oh to be a kid again! The nuances of life and the environment around us are so exciting to discover and I’m REdiscovering it all over again in a whole new perspective; it’s actually quite enlightening.So, maybe we can all pause the…

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    Stars, Stripes & Me

    While I was busy yesterday slicing watermelon and enjoying some patriotic festivities with my family, I wanted to reflect for a couple of minutes on what it means to be an American. This simple label, “American” can have so many connotations around the world, some positive and many negative. But I’ll tell you what it means to me. Being American instills me with deep pride and gratitude. This land that I love offers so many freedoms; its history is so unique and although we often forget and take it for granted, I truly believe this is an extremely blessed country. I don’t mean this in an arrogant manner; in fact I think every…

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    Goodbye, Palm Trees. Hello, Pine.

    Packing, packing, packing, packing…..this has been my life over the past week or so in preparation for our big move to Portland next week! And while I have been playing mover’s Tetris, i.e. compartmentalizing things into boxes, the hubs has been putting in some long hours during his LAST WEEK of intern year. Woohoo! Woohoo for the last week of intern year, not the long hours part… I have mixed feelings regarding the move: sad to leave behind dear friends & family, sentimental places, and THE BEACH.   But excited to move onto the next phase of our lives and experience new adventures with new people in a NEW place…AND we’ll…

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    Happy FIRST Birthday!

    One of MANY birthday photos 🙂 THURSDAY THOUGHTS …to my Little C, that is 🙂 Since this happy celebration is the only thing consuming my thoughts today, I felt it appropriate to share a few special memories and milestones of my sweet one year old on her first birthday! Here’s a month-by-month recap: 11 days old: My favorite face Little C makes is right after she has eaten. She’ll lie back with her eyes closed, her lips still puckered and it’s just the most adorable little milk-coma face ever 🙂 3 weeks old: For a few days now Little C has started zoning in on contrasting things to capture her…

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    A Year In Review: First Time Parent Advice

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS  So, we’ve had a couple of soon-to-be-parents friends ask us lately how we did things (i.e. how we all happily survived) with Little C this past year (she will be the big ONE in a couple of weeks!), so the hubster and I came up with a general list of items we found most useful (some are obvious essentials) and also certain practices we implemented. We hope any expecting parents who stumble upon this list, find at least one thing useful. Every bit helps 🙂  And of course, we will probably remember something as soon as I post this, so I will try to keep it updated. Also,…

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    First Birthday Checklist

    We celebrated Baby C’s FIRST BIRTHDAY yesterday! We had to do it early because of the upcoming move, which really means we get to celebrate her twice, and that’s just fine by me 😏. But now that May 25th is a thing of the past, I can finally breathe again! You’d be surprised how much time and energy throwing your baby’s first birthday party actually consumes. And yes, I was methodical for months weeks in advance, but even so, that last week of party planning implementation is a real time sucker. Thankfully I had a lot of help from some wonderful friends (and from my husband!…who is also my friend.…

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    Homemade Baby Food

    Hello hello! I’ve been meaning to write about my super simple baby food making process for a loooong time. So here goes: Homemade Baby Food {read notes at bottom before beginning!} Buy some vegetables (broccoli, green beans, beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, etc!). Wash produce thoroughly, chop into chunks and then steam on stove for approx 8-10 min. Transfer some water from the pot under your steamer basket to the blender and add the cooked veggies. Start the blender and puree the veggies at a slow speed to see how thick the consistency is. Increase amount of liquid to reach desired consistency (depending on the age and preference of your baby).…

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    Confidence in the Future

    In light of the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon earlier this week, I wanted to share a few sentiments. Because, in all honesty, doesn’t something like that just scare the crap out of you? Well, it scares me…especially when I think of safety for my own future and the future of my family.  It’s like “okay, what’s next?” In fact, I thought “what’s next” after Boston and then just today there was a bomb scare at Cal State Los Angeles, causing a campus-wide evacuation. But I’m not writing here to focus on fear. In fact, it’s rather the contrary. I think it’s so important to have hope and stemming…

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    Saying “Yes”

    I recently came across this photograph and quote by Marjorie Hinckley regarding parenting: “whenever possible say yes, they are only kids once!” After reading this, I immediately reflected on the many times I have already seemingly needed to say (or at least think): “No!”, when it comes to parenting my curious little 9 month-old. And yet, I am grateful for this refreshing approach to indulging a child while still maintaining proper methods of discipline, or rather, “behavior training”, as I like to think of it. One example of me attempting to put this perspective into practice happened a week or so ago. Little C was at the adult bookshelf again…

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    I had a few gal pals over today for brunch, so I thought I’d share what we munched on between friendly chatter. The main course was this French Toast Casserole I’ve made  a little too often over the past few months. We also enjoyed a refreshing strawberry – banana – orange juice – almond milk – Greek yogurt-smoothie…I didn’t follow a recipe 🙂 Oh, and here are a few dishes on my “make for next brunch” list. Because with food this good, brunch might have to become a more regular thing on my monthly calendar👌. Quiche Crepe Omelettes Banana Blueberry Brunch Cake Eggs & Lox Breakfast Bagels