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    Postpartum Core Update: Focusing On Functionality

    Hello, hello! It’s been awhile since my last postpartum core update, so here’s where I’m at.  I’m nearing 2 years postpartum after my twins and focusing on functionality (rather than obsessing over physical results) has been my mantra. This translates into being grateful for what I CAN DO more than what it all LOOKS like. Which, to be honest is a wiggly yet moderately strong looking postpartum belly. But hey, I have been doing all the high-impact exercises that I love and have minimal leaking (if any) during those workouts. Hallelujah! My diastasis recti (separation of rectus abdominis musculature) is around 2-3 finger widths wide and thankfully not very deep…

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    Getting back in the {yoga} saddle

    Sooo…confession: I’ve only done 1 session of the 30 Days of Yoga series as part of my New Year postpartum “ease back into fitness” challenge. And it’s January 22nd (oops). BUT, I will say that a couple weeks ago (about 1 month postpartum), I gave some warrior poses a try before starting the first yoga video and my C-section incision wasn’t having it. Now, a couple weeks later, I gave it a go and I’m happy to report that my body is ready! Even one 25-minute session was rejuvenating to both body and spirit and it’s exactly what I need to ease my weakened muscles and ligaments from pregnancy into…

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    Shred it!

    My Fitness Friday partner-in-crime is leading the instruction today and is doing her own interpreted version of Jillian’s “30 Day Shred”! I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow 🙂 If I find time to write out a synopsis of her workout on here, then I will do so! Otherwise, just buy the DVD 😉  

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    Happy New Gear

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS  Nope, not a typo. Happy New GEAR!  That’s what I’m thinking anyway. I know we just had Christmas and the tangible gift-giving has ended (to some degree…my birthday is in April, hint hint), and husby did get me some Jillian Michaels (this beloved workout that I used to check out from the Los Angeles Public Library) as well as some running gloves, but I have been coveting thinking about some other fitness items that are definitely on my wish-list for this coming year (sooner rather than later hopefully!). Some are wants and some are needs, so we’ll see which ones make the cut.  1)  Neon or white (ideally…

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    RE-introducing FITNESS FRIDAYS With Kickboxing!

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS Well, if you remember, I had intended to start posting my “Fitness Friday” workouts when I first mentioned them several weeks ago….but then I stalled; I procrastinated and I just plain didn’t make time for it. You see, Fitness Fridays are sort of my baby (besides my real…baby) and I want the formatting and presentation of each glorious workout to be perfect, and I haven’t found that sweet spot yet. However, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, and I just need to get these workouts out there for my own sanity, my FF peeps, and for the sake of anyone else in the web-O-sphere who might care to participate.…

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    Certified Personal Trainer!

    Done! Certified! Days filled with NO studying! Woohoo! I took my NASM exam over this past weekend and it is a RELIEF to be done. So now what? Well, I don’t know exactly. And I think that’s okay. My goal, as a fitness enthusiast, was to increase my knowledge and add upon my B.S. in Exercise Science, while also being able to give “official” advice and fitness instruction when I get together with friends to workout/exercise.  Who knows, maybe I’ll apply at a fitness club down the road and teach some boot camp style classes (which I love!), but for now I’m gonna take it slow and continue to enjoy…

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    My “Safe List” Exercises With Abdominal Strain

    I probably sound like a broken record with my continuous lamenting, but here I go again: I’ve been nursing this pesky abdominal strain for over 2 months now. And with our big out-of-state move and all, I have been feeling particularly out of the fitness loop these past few weeks! While I feel like I’ve been blaming my lack of exercise on this move and my injury, in reality, there is quite the variety of exercises I have found that don’t aggravate my lower abdominals; those that don’t involve the core as much. The good news is that I feel like it’s finally on the mend and my range of motion with…

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    Dealing With Ab Muscle Injury

    Alright…it’s here and I’m finally accepting the fact: I’m injured. Kind of seriously-ish. I’m pretty sure it’s an abdominal muscle strain, and possibly a 2nd grade tear, which I’m NOT excited about. It means I really can’t do anything that I normally do for a fitness routine…not even yoga! Booooo. Anyway, I’m hanging in there (you know, getting fat and happy with my new sedentary life and chronic baking addiction). However, I am running a 5k on Saturday with some besties. It will have been exactly 1 week with no–and I mean nada, zilch, ZERO–exercise & minimal stretching. I’ll still make sure to warm-up adequately (don’t want to injury anything else!).…

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    Baby Jogging Safety

    It seems that many of my blog ideas come to me while jogging (more often with baby in tow…or me in tow, rather) and recently one of my thoughts was geared towards jogging safety…jogging safely with baby, to be specific. While ruminating on this topic for a few miles, I came up with some key points for the jogging mama (or dad, babysitter, etc!) to keep in mind: 1. Check the jogging stroller wheels regularly A couple of weeks ago I asked my husband to re-inflate one of the tires on my BOB since I noticed it was quite low on air. It made me realize that I should be…