Coronavirus and social distancing

Coronavirus, the recent novel virus that began in Wuhan province of China, is sweeping across nations and is now present here in the United States. There’s really not much I can tell you that most people already know about it. But one question that seems to be subjective, is how much do we need to be distancing ourselves from others to avoid exposure to this virus? The answer is AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. I’ve seen a lot of data that more than suggests, it validates with data the need to essentially quarantine ourselves even if we haven’t been around those with symptoms. Mitigation is key. These “social distancing” efforts are going to postpone the spread of the virus and therefore enable our medical systems to operate without becoming overwhelmed. The contrary scenario is a deadly one, as already evidenced in Italy where they are building hospitals overnight and running out of supplies for treatment. 

I know it’s not easy to let go of routines, suspend education & extracurriculars, or accept changes with employment. These measures are having drastic effects in a variety of circumstances and it’s our duty as global citizens to participate in mitigation efforts to ensure this virus spreads as slowly as possible. And to the now homeschooling, life-managing parents like me, here’s a hero! To help while in quarantine and maintaining some structure with children at home, I was inspired by the COVID-19 schedule created by Jessica McHale Photography to arrange my own family schedule (it’s a template! Save and open with Excel Sheets to modify and create your own!). It certainly isn’t perfect for each day, but it definitely helps to have a plan in place…even if “the plan” needs to be revised several times! That’s just life and its demands for flexibility.

And these are strange times, but we can adapt. It’s not easy to cut-off from society in our normal routines…but these are not normal routines and we should not treat them as such. Things are going to be different. It may be difficult, even very difficult for some, but we’re all in it together. Keep calm, keep the faith, and keep your distance for now.

For an overview on the coronavirus with a global perspective, I recommend watching this video special on PBS.  Stay home, stay safe!


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