Flat and Chewy Honey Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, lately I’ve been on a quest to make cookies with less refined ingredients with additional power ingredients (like chia seeds) to make them somewhat healthier with a boost of nutrients…but hey, it’s a cookie! It’s supposed to be a treat!

Here’s a recipe I’ve been tinkering with and I have a couple of good versions. This one creates a flat cookie that’s SUPER chewy. I actually haven’t tasted it yet (but neighbors and hubby loved them!), since I’ve been doing a trial version of the Whole30 diet (no sugar, grains, dairy, etc.) but I’m probably only going to do a Whole15…HA! I’m still nursing, and I’d feel much better about eating less meat and overall just following my intuition when it comes to what foods I feel my body needs. Which, yes, includes a little bit of everything banned by the Whole30 diet. Diet rant over….just go make these cookies, especially if you’re hankering for that golden honey taste!

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