RE-introducing FITNESS FRIDAYS With Kickboxing!


Well, if you remember, I had intended to start posting my “Fitness Friday” workouts when I first mentioned them several weeks ago….but then I stalled; I procrastinated and I just plain didn’t make time for it.

You see, Fitness Fridays are sort of my baby (besides my real…baby) and I want the formatting and presentation of each glorious workout to be perfect, and I haven’t found that sweet spot yet. However, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, and I just need to get these workouts out there for my own sanity, my FF peeps, and for the sake of anyone else in the web-O-sphere who might care to participate.

So to kick it off…no pun intended…here’s my “sneak peek” kickboxing workout that we’re doing tomorrow at Fitness Friday!


30 jab punches (right arm)
30 jabs (left arm)

30 jab-cross (right, left)
30 jab-cross (left, right)

30 hook-uppercut (right, left)
30 hook-uppercut (left, right)

30 jab-cross-hook-uppercut (right, left, right, left)
30 jab-cross-hook-uppercut (left, right, left, right)

30 inside-to-outside blocks (alternating right and left arms)
30 cross blocks (alternating right and left arms)

20 side kicks (right)
20 side kicks (left)

20 front kicks (right)
20 front kicks (left)

20 back kicks (right)
20 back kicks (left)

20 back kick + front kick (right back, left front)
20 back kick + front kick (left back, right front)

20 side kick + jab (right leg, left arm jab)
20 side kick + jab (left leg, right arm jab)

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